January 31, 2011
Get your Sting and Blackout World Tour 2010 / 2011
Date City Country Venue Tickets Comments
February, 10th 2011 Bangkok Thailand Impact Arena    
April, 15th 2011 Saarbrücken Germany Saarlandhalle Eventim  
May, 12th 2011 St. Petersburg Russia Ledovi Dvorets (Arena)    
May, 14th 2011 Krasnodar Russia Ticket Hotline +7 (988) 2459595)
May, 15th 2011 Rostov-On-Don Russia Dvorets Sporta DON    
May, 17th 2011 Krasnoyarsk Russia Dvorets Sporta Yarygina    
May, 19th 2011 Novosibirsk Russia Dvorets Sporta Sibir    
May, 20th 2011 Ekaterinburg Russia Div Sport    
May, 22nd 2011 Perm Russia      
May, 24th 2011 Kazan Russia Tatneft Arena    
May, 26th 2011 Moscow Russia SC Olympisky    
June, 3rd, 2011 Ostrava Czech Republic      
June, 4th, 2011 Bratislava Slovakia      
June, 6th, 2011 Budapest Hungary Papp László Budapest Sportaréna Ticketportal  
June, 17th, 2011 Oberursel Germany Hessentag Eventim  
June, 18th 2011 Clisson France Hellfest Francebillet  
June, 22nd 2011 Freiburg Germany Messe Freiburg Eventim  
June, 24th 2011 Graspop Festival Belgium   Francebillet  
June, 25th 2011 Papenburg Germany Meyer-Werft Eventim NDR 2 Papenburg Festival
July, 16th 2011 Schweinfurt Germany Willy-Sachs-Stadion Eventim  
July, 17th 2011 Bielefeld Germany Ravensberger Park Eventim  
July, 23rd 2011 Tuuri Finnland      
November, 14th 2011 Lyon France Halle Tony Garnier Francebillet  
November, 16th 2011 Toulon France Zenith Omega Francebillet  
November, 17th 2011 Toulouse France Le Zénith Francebillet  
November, 19th 2011 Bordeaux France Patinoire Mériadeck Francebillet  
November, 20th 2011 Montpellier France Parc des Expositions Francebillet  
November, 22nd 2011 Tours France Parc des expositions Francebillet  
November, 23rd 2011 Paris France Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy Francebillet  
November, 25th 2011 Rouen France Zénith Rouen Francebillet  
November, 26th 2011 Brussels Belgium      

The Scorpions – Interview w/ Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs

November 4, 2010

April 5th 2010, Universal Music Group, Santa Monica CA

Andrew Bansal: Would you say that ‘Sting In The Tail’ captures the essence of the Scorpions?

Rudolf: Yes, we agree 100 percent!

Matthias: Yes. I think the essence of The Scorpions was created in the early 80s with albums like Blackout and Love At First Sting. To most of the fans, those are their favorite albums. When we finished Sting In The Tail, we came to realize that, yes, it comes closest to Love At First Sting, probably.


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New 2011 Scorpions Tour Dates

November 4, 2010
May, 10th 2011 Vladivostok Russia Rimsco Hall   Indoor
May, 12th 2011 Khabarovsk Russia Platinum Arena   Indoor
May, 14th 2011 Krasnoyarsk Russia Dvorets Sporta   Indoor
May, 16th 2011 Novosibirsk Russia Dvorets Sporta Sibir   Indoor
May, 19th 2011 Ekaterinburg Russia Dvorets Sporta Uralets   Indoor
May, 21st 2011 Kazan Russia Tatneft Arena   Indoor
May, 23rd 2011 Krasnodar Russia Dvorets Sporta Olymp   Indoor
May, 25th 2011 Moscow Russia Vasilievsky Spusk   Outdoor
May, 26th ...

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